The sound of whistling wings, the cackle of a Rooster pheasant, the startling thump of a grouse taking flight are all available to Big Sky visitors with Milk River Outfitters. We cater to groups of four to six hunters to ensure that you receive a quality hunt. Whether you have your own dogs or not, we can help you in your quest for upland birds and waterfowl.

Sitting just across the border from Canada lies the Milk River and its tributaries. For centuries, waterfowl have used these rivers and streams to navigate their way to and from the United States. Along the Milk River lies hundreds of thousands of acres of rich farmland that provides abundant and crucial feed for traveling birds. Add in the fact that we sit just on the last bit of the prairie pothole region, and we find ourselves in some pretty fine territory for ducks and geese. Our season opens around the first of October and can be absolutely electric from then on. Early season can consist of dry field ducks in agriculture to shooting them decoying on small water, or anything in between. Goose numbers can be strong early but tend to grow to very impressive numbers as the weather starts to change to our colder season. 

Once snows hits the ground, and small water has started to frost, we will move to primarily hunting ducks or geese in the field, or on moving water that stays open even in frigid temperatures. Mid to late season in this area can be nothing short of spectacular. Big, giant Canada Geese and big, mature green-headed mallard ducks are going to be the bulk of what we are chasing by this time of year. With that being said, we do have an abundance of divers that stick to the rivers in late season, and that can be an added bonus to a nice strap of green heads. 

Seasoned guides will scout days ahead of your arrival, and have well drawn up plans by the time you have your first meal the night of your arrival. Going over plans in the lodge over a nice, cold drink always makes for a fun night of camaraderie with guides and clients alike. 

If you’re looking for a one of a kind waterfowl experience, in an area you haven’t heard about on TV yet, give us a call. Our guides and staff will work hard day in and day out to please and exceed your expectations. 

Please contact Eric for pricing on these hunts.