Eric Albus, The Outfitter

Meet your outfitter, Eric Albus. Eric is a 4th generation rancher/farmer. He grew up working the same land that his great-grandfather, grandfather and father worked. He works the farm and ranch with his younger brother Jared, Eric hopes that son Kyle(KJ) will follow their lead in earning a living off the land. The Albus brothers dry land farm: wheat, peas, lentils, and barley, and raise commercial cattle, mainly black angus. They also farm organic wheat, peas, lentils, and oats.

Eric and Jared grew up hunting deer, antelope, elk and birds in NE MT. In 1989 Eric began guiding for a friend, and within a few years he and Jared started their own outfitting company, Milk River Outfitters (MRO). They never dreamt that the muddy river they fished and swam in as kids would become a household name, let alone a nationally know destination for the “who’s who” of the hunting industry. “It has been quite a ride, we have met a lot of good folks, and some famous ones too.”, Eric said. He also maintains; “I’ve been very blessed to be able to do what I have done”. He has been able to pack several lifetimes of hunting into his years, spending over 100 days in the field every fall. He has guided 100’s of hunters to many great trophy whitetail, mule deer, antelope and elk. Eric is also very thankful for their repeat clientele. As I was writing this Eric said; “I want to be sure to thank ALL the repeat clientele, I appreciate them more than they know,”. Many of these folks make “off season” trips to MRO visiting the ranch. They have become valued friends, and extended family. One of them even keeps a horse at the ranch!

The ride has not been without setbacks. The winter of 2010 saw half the wildlife in NE MT decimated under 130 inches of snow. The resulting melt and floodwaters created a perfect ground for the 2011 EHD( blue tongue) outbreak, which resulted in a 90-99% death loss on whitetail deer. MRO cancelled 50 archery and 20 rifle hunts that fall. Fortunately the weather has been good in the past several years and numbers are rebounding nicely.

Eric and the staff at MRO look forward to seeing you in hunting camp!