“With a gentle breeze, the leaves began to fall all around my stand. Situated beside an alfalfa field alongside the Milk River, it was late afternoon and I suddenly caught a flicker of movement to my right, a whitetail doe. The parade of does, spikes and 6-pointers ambled past me stand for the next 2 hours without letup. As light was fading, the “big boys” were now coming out to feed…”

It is not uncommon for a hunter to sit in a tree stand or ground blind in the evening along the Milk River and see twenty to a forty deer within 3 hours. At Milk River Outfitters, we will spend countless hours scouting preseason and during your hunt to ensure you are positioned in the best location to take home a trophy Whitetail. Having frequently guided and hunted with Bill Jordan’s Realtree Team and Realtree Roadtrips with Michael Waddell, we have proven ourselves as capable to the professional and novice hunters for consistently getting close to big deer. We use a variety of portable ladders to fixed position stands throughout all of our whitetail seasons: archery and gun. You should also know that we continue scouting and glassing even after you have been delivered to your evening hunting spot. This enables us to adjust stands or prepare for the next group of hunters coming into camp. Whether you succeed on the first or the last night of your hunt, we guarantee you will have the whitetail hunt of a lifetime.