Elk season in Montana is like no other hunting experience you have ever been involved in. With the coming of the cooler fall breezes and onset of frost, so does the valleys and mountains liven with the shrill shrieking of the wapiti. Bull elk may weigh up to 1,000 pounds and sport antlers of six feet. While the bull rocky mountain elk may be the trophy that we all dream of taking, any elk taken with archery equipment is a hard earned trophy. A 450 pound cow and satellite bull running along canyons and valleys will definitely jumpstart your heart when you first view one within forty to twenty yards.

Milk River Outfitters offers full service elk hunts. While we do offer elk hunts by gun, these permits are very difficult to draw even with a guaranteed outfitter license. The archery permits are unlimited in the areas that we hunt and we will do everything in our power to give you a trip of a lifetime. Our camps are set within minutes of the areas that we will be hunting and hunts start well before daylight. Once we are in an optimum viewing area, we will wait for first daylight to begin glassing for elk. When we find elk, the fun begins as this hunt is not designed as a park shoot. We will drive via 4×4 vehicles as far as we can along the road system. We will then hike until we are in position to lie in wait near the elk. One thing you will learn quickly is that elk can move fast and have an excellent sense of smell. After taking your trophy, we will field dress the animal and get it transported out of the field via horses and back to the main lodge. We have found that the best time for Elk hunting starts after the 20th of September and lasts until the season ends around mid-October.